Dairy AR37

Dairy AR37 is a mixture of leading perennial ryegrasses, ideal for higher rainfall and/or irrigated areas that want high levels of feed. The blend of a diploid and a tetraploid perennial ryegrass increases feed utilisation and keeps feed quality high. Soil fertility needs to be maintained to maximise the amount of feed that can be grown. Featuring Base AR37, a top performer in Dairy Australia’s Forage value Index for 4 consecutive years.

Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended

Dairy contains the following quality products:

Base AR37 Tetraploid perennial ryegrass
Densely tillered and high yielding with enhanced persistence from AR37 endophyte

Platform AR37 Diploid perennial ryegrass
Perennial diploid ryegrass with high tiller density and resilient ryegrass genetics

Key uses and benefits:

  • High levels of production through autumn and winter
  • Increased persistence with the AR37 novel endophyte


*The FVI is calculated by multiplying a cultivars dry matter performance value (PV) by its economic value (EV), and Base AR37 perennial ryegrass topped the rankings across all four areas tested in Southwest Victoria, Gippsland (VIC), Northern Victoria and Tasmania. Accurate as at 19 February 2021 

#Platform has been bred, selected and successfully tested as a perennial and will function as a perennial. Due to a small number of tip awns Platform is certified as Lolium boucheanum.

Sowing Rate: 20-30 kg/ha
Ready to Graze: 8-12 weeks
Rainfall / Irrigation: 650mm p.a

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