Endurance Endo5 AR1

A proven blend of tetraploid and diploid perennial ryegrass with the added benefit of a white and sub clover. Suited to a wide variety of uses, where are farmers looking for high quality feed. The clovers included offer high production and late season growth.

Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended

Endurance contains the following quality products:

Reward Endo5  Tetraploid perennial ryegrass
Late maturing and excellent rust tolerance ensures high quality feed for longer

RELY AR1 Diploid perennial ryegrass
Excellent rust tolerance, fine leaf and dense tillers

Hilltop Medium leaf white clover
Superstrike® treated seed
High stolon density for improved persistence

Leura Sub clover
Prillcote® treated seed
A late flowering 151 days prostrate soft seeded subterraneum clover 

Key uses and benefits:

  • Highly palatable and delivers quality feed
  • Suits dryland and irrigated situations

Sowing Rate: 20-30 kg/ha
Ready to Graze: 8-12 weeks
Rainfall / Irrigation: 550mm p.a

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