Sprinter is a blend of early and mid heading annual ryegrasses. Sprinter offers the flexibility of hay and/or silage making with grazing opportunities. In addition, Sprinter can be used to extend the life of an existing pasture which makes Sprinter the perfect all-round blend.

Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended

Sprinter contains the following quality products:

Ascend Tetraploid annual ryegrass
Exceptional seedling vigour followed by late season  grazing opportunities

Astro® Tetraploid annual ryegrass
Produces high quality quick winter feed

Key uses and benefits:

  • Quick autumn, winter and spring feed
  • Can out-compete weeds, making it ideal for pasture renovation

Sowing Rate: 25-40 kg/ha
Ready to Graze: 6-12 weeks
Rainfall / Irrigation: 500mm p.a

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