Supreme Plus

This blend combines a diploid Italian ryegrass with a high quality tetraploid Italian ryegrass with the added benefit of an annual and white clover. It offers a true balance of ryegrass and clover to maintain high quality feed from winter through to summer. The combination of a diploid and tetraploid ryegrass with clover will increase the utilisation of the feed grown. A really flexible blend that offers a premium result.

Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended

Supreme Plus contains the following quality products:

Concord® II  Diploid Italian ryegrass
Exceptional speed of establishment and increased winter production

Feast® II Tetraploid Italian ryegrass
Remarkable performance and quality

Taipan Balansa clover
Superstrike® treated seed
Mid-maturing, high performance balansa clover

Quartz White clover
Superstrike® treated seed
Productive year round performer with excellent yield and persistence

Key uses and benefits:

  • High quality feed for grazing, silage and hay
  • Will suit dryland and irrigated areas


Sowing Rate: 20-35 kg/ha
Ready to Graze: 6-12 weeks
Rainfall / Irrigation: 500mm p.a

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