A great blend that combines a newer generation diploid Italian ryegrass, which offers speed out of the ground and excellent persistence, with one of the leading tetraploid Italian ryegrass for quality and performance. The real benefit with Power Pak® Supreme is the combination of a diploid and a tetraploid ryegrass which offers farmers high production, late season quality and a true balance of high performance feed for their animals.

Ultrastrike® film coat seed recommended

Supreme contains the following quality products:

Concord® II  Diploid Italian ryegrass
Exceptional speed of establishment and increased winter production

Feast® II Tetraploid Italian ryegrass
Remarkable performance and quality

Key uses and benefits:

  • Excellent levels of production and highly palatable
  • Maintains quality late into the season

Sowing Rate: 20-35 kg/ha
Ready to Graze: 6-12 weeks
Rainfall / Irrigation: 500mm p.a

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